Galileo is a popular, daily scientific program in which different questions, ones you have always wanted to know the answer to, will be answered. For example: ‘How does your body react when you eat the world’s hottest pepper?’, Can you drink your own urine?’ or ‘Why do we French kiss?’.

Reporters Shelly Sterk, Manuel Venderbos and Jorn Rohde undergo intense experiments and research all kinds of allegations and seek answers to 1001 questions. They do everything for science. Manuel gets beaten knocked out, Jorn wants to know how it feels to experience nine times the normal force of gravity and Shelly goes drifting through a bend.

Luuk Ikink will talk about all the reports and does this in his own way.

Channel: RTL5

Host: Luuk Ikink

Number of episodes: 180

Broadcast period: March-May 2016, September-November 2016, April-June 2017