I know what your pet did

What does your pet do when you’re not watching? Can your dog resist the temptation of the succulent steak on the kitchen table?
Is your guard dog really as brave as you think when someone tries to break into your house? And where does your cat wonder off to during the day?

In the new family panel show I know what your pet did, two teams have to predict the beha- vior of their pets. Who knows his pet best? Each team consists of a funny team captain and a celebrity guest pet-owner. In different rounds with all kinds of fun questions and tasks, we get a hilarious peek into the secret lives of pets.

The show has 3 rounds and a finale, all with a mix of different format elements. We have filmed the celebrity guest pets in various and unexpected situations, while the celebrity was not around. In a range of funny and heartwarming videos, we find out how their pets react. We send their dogs on a speed date with a bunch of lovely single ladies. Their cats get a GPS tracker to see where they go. We leave a 3-star meal on the dining table and watch every move through our security cameras. Or we let the dogs loose in the pet store by themselves.

The contestants also have to recognize their own pets in all kinds of funny studio based tasks: smell 4 kinds of animal poo, which one is your pet’s? Stroke 3 different cats hidden in a black box, can you pick the right one? Different dogs lick their hand, do they recognize their own?

We add a wide range of immensely popular pet viral videos to the mix with all sorts of questions and the result is a fun show for the entire family.

I know what your pet did. Ever wondered what your pet does when you’re not around?