Napoleon in Holland

For Omroep Max we’re travelling back to the year of 1811 where host Huub Stapel is following in the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte. Huub is following the route that the former French ruler traveled between the 23rd of september and the 31st of october in 1811 in the Netherlands. In a compelling way Huub Stapel explains what Napoleon endured during his journey and gives us an insight to this historical figure with the help of anecdotes that speak to the imagination.

We also visit historical locations where experts and adorers give us aan insight on the man Napoleon and the time in which he was alive. What can 200 year old diaries, letters and witnesses tell us about Napoleon? What was the purpose of Napoleon’s visit to the Netherlands? In this documentary series we will get answers to these questions and find out how Napoleon traveled through our country.

Channel: NPO 2, Omroep MAX

Broadcast period: January 2019

Episodes: 4

Host: Huub Stapel